Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cooper : March 18, 2005 – October 30, 2017

It is with a saddened heart that I have to say that Cooper has passed away. It came on very suddenly, literally in a matter of days. He had a very large internal mass that in the end was pressing on his intestines causing him to not eat.

He will be greatly missed by us. We were blessed to have Cooper for 12 years. He brought us great joy and happiness and everyone he met instantly fell in love with him. People were always amazed at how well he would pose for pictures (and they would also take his picture) and was always smiling, no matter what silly outfit he was wearing – he knew a treat was waiting for him as a reward. Strangers would offer him food because he had this magical look (at one fair a woman gave him her salmon lunch, she had one bite, didn’t like and decided Cooper needed it.)

We were very proud when he passed the Canine Good Citizen Test on his first try, we had his certificate framed to display. Cooper helped pay for his way by winning many fun competitions (costume contests, musical chairs, favorite pet voting for newspaper and stores). 

Whenever we would foster a dog, Cooper was the perfect big brother allowing them to adjust to their new life. He would share his toys, bed and food.

Cooper was a very special dog – one of a kind! There will never be another like him. Our lives are very empty without him. He will always be our beloved child.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

nov 2013

happy holidays to you all!

7 months have passed and still blogger does not allow you to change the color scheme of create new post
you can only change the color of the page that everyone sees.

the glare is  just awful. i click on i t and have to turn it off right away.
 this is being written in notepad and have to c/p which is not very practical.

while i have a facebook account - its sole purpose is ot get freebies
and do RAKs ( even though i can hadly ever find who wins them) as everything sems to disappear on FB

I now p ost my pages  at scrap stacks and pinterst

Cooper is now 8.5 yrs old and doing well. as he ages  he is getting more demanding and i can easily see he will be a cranky old man,lol.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


my foster dog Honey is due to give birth any day now, if interested in updates a fb page has been made for her:

jus tthis tiny note is ging me  eyestrain so this is one time special u pdate

Monday, November 5, 2012

blog update

blog update

i would love to be able to continue this blog bu thtanks to google blogger forcing its change on me mid september it is no longer useable. iwas only able to get this note in by writng in notepad first and then copy over thats not practical to do.
2 main reasons
1. the new post page is pure white nad has way too much glare on it. can't figure out how to change this
2. canot accesws pages in draft - whihci had several before google changed.
 i guess ineed ot look into wordpress . i have tried ot see if here is anyt way to fix these porblems but nothing ocmes up. except seeingo hers with same complaits. i also keep c hekcing ot see if gogle fix the glare but they haven't - even just douing this hurts my eyes so this i sit until a fix is found