Sunday, August 28, 2011

cool treats for cooper

currently going on at sbf is a Cool_Treats challenge. so I made this page of cooper having some of my shaved ice on a hot summer day. cooper loves his ice cream.

very surprised there are so few entries. personal photos are required but one would think people would have lot  of pics of their kids or grandkids eating ice cream. no old pages allowed.

here is an old page from 2009 of him eating ice cream:
I don't give him frosty paws any more. at that time it was the only option available but now i realize it is full of crap - lots of chemicals .etc. there are several healthy versions available in small pet shops. but the best thing to do is make your own version of frosty paws - so easy to do and so much cheaper. basically it is just yogurt - i use organic low fat plain yogurt , add bit of honey, vanilla extract and than choose you flavoring - peanut butter, banana, pumpkin, etc. last time i added watermelon to it.

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