Friday, June 29, 2012

Perfectly Vintage by Across the ponds designs

Perfectly Vintage  by Across the ponds designs

Perfectly vintage is perfect for any layout you could think of.It has 71 elements,13 frames,6 clusters,35 papers and also has 4 ready-made quickpages.Available here

 template by roseytoes designs

No BoundariesII by Outside The Box Design Studio

No BoundariesII by Outside The Box Design Studio

Life is too short and swift to limit your potential, dreams and joy!
No Boundaries II proudly shouts that message!
Same color palette as No Boundaries I by SweetMade for Artchaeology Of the Soul.

The majority of this kit is taken right from my own Art Journal pages! :D

So, go ahead, have loads of fun with this versatile kit!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Le Jardin Expanded by StarSongStudio

Le Jardin Expanded (PU/S4H) by StarSongStudio

 Le Jardin Expanded is a remake of a small monthly designer collaborative that I  had previously created. It proved to be one of my bestselling products and one of my personal favorites. Originally 7 papers and 21 elements in size, I have expanded it to 16 papers and 57 elements. Also, I have created companion kits including element clusters, word arts, cluster frames, stacked papers and an alpha.
This appealing kit with a palette of salmon, green and cream, is perfect for romantic, feminine and every day layouts.


E-scapes and Scrap:


Heritage Scrap:

used freebie template by eudora deisgns
rak for my friend

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Robbie's Rockin' Red by rose thorn

Robbie's Rockin' Red by rose thorn

This digital scrapbook kit is a custom design for a special teenage boy named Robbie.  Robbie loves to sing, dance and play his guitar, listen to music and enjoys going out to eat the same treats (like ice cream) that many teenagers do.  He also has a favorite hooded sweatshirt (hoodie) which was used as inspiration for this kit's color palette.

Although this kit is a custom design, I believe that the 'cool' blues and 'hot' reds, balanced by the neutral gray and off-white make it usable for a number of other layout themes including, for many countries, patriotic events and celebrations.

Word Art for the 4th by julie mead

14 unique word art designs to celebrate Independence Day!  The file contains a total of 16 designs, 2 are repeats with color or black and white option

Monday, June 25, 2012

nautilus by kittyscrap

nautilus by kittyscrap

 This kit contains 26 papers (3600*3600, 300 dpi,jpeg) and 125 elements variable (300 dpi, png)

kittyscrap guest ct call

kittyscrap guest ct call

if you want to join my team

send me a mail with object : ct call

at :

Friday, June 22, 2012

Eventide by StarSongStudio & Booland Designs

Eventide by StarSongStudio & Booland Designs

 Namaste, peace and serenity. That is the vision that EvenTide was designed to invoke. We've all known times in life that are tumultuous and active; but we yearn also for times of rest and tranquillity. A collab between Booland Designs and Star Song Designs, EvenTide includes floral elements, soft candlelight, and a soothing color palette that calls for you to embrace your memories of the calmer aspects of life, to reflect upon them through journaling and photos, and to share them with a beautiful scrapbook page

Thursday, June 21, 2012

steampunk patriotism by ditz bitz

steampunk patriotism by ditz bitz

brendas part of Heartbeatz Creationz's blogtrain starts tomorrow

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the call artistic alliance trio

The Call artistic alliance trio is a mega collaboration by amanda of  Outside the Box Design Studio along with Courtney's Digiscrappin and Kelly-Jo's Scraps

This is a true art journal experience! The Call is about what drives you, calls you, inspires you to create. But, it is in an urban, grungy style. It's full of bright colors, graffiti, and hand-drawn or painted elements. If you look in the city and see all the graffiti, you will see how many colors they use. That is why we chose such a large color palette for this kit. The Call has 143 elements and 40 papers.

 this page uses only amandas part
page below  uses all 3 parts

sunshine by Nathalie Scrap and Design

sunshine by Nathalie Scrap and Design

 Flowers, sweetness of the heart and gorgeous real elements make this kit the perfect companion for any kind of photos. 78 elements and 10 papers.

another page for korbin and his family

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vintage wedding by lins creations

Vintage wedding is a kit for all your wedding photos and includes some real vintage wedding photos.
This kit is full sized and has 85 elements and 25 papers.
The kit is available at scrappinnaturally

photo is one included in kit

Monday, June 18, 2012

80 days by kittyscrap

 around the world in 80 days by kittyscrap

 25 papers (3600*3600, 300 dpi,jpeg) and 156 elements variable (300 dpi, png)

photo - helping friend make scrapbook for family ( baby is receiving chemo)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ditz Bitz Vintage Youth Kit

Ditz Bitz Vintage Youth Kit

available thru her blog
 made this page for doris day challenge at sbf


Friday, June 15, 2012

the wonderland world by kittyscrap

the wonderland world by kittyscrap

 24 papers (3600*3600, 300 dpi,jpeg) and 86 elements variable (300 dpi, png)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Richard by DigiZines By Teri

Richard June Box It Up ScrapKit by DigiZines By Teri

 he main ScrapKit that started the Richard, June Box It Up collection.  You'll find more than enough in this kit to create many pages and even a complete album if you wish.  With a masculine touch the kit features several elements that can be used for Dads and Fathers Day.  It can also be used for a variety of other themed photos as well.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby - my new foster

meet Baby my new foster dog. I found out about her on Saturday and because this was such a dire case i got her sunday. i was told her owner died and her husband who didn't like the dog had her chianed up in backyard from 7am to 10PM  at night with NO SHELTER. then her brought her in and she was locked in the bathroom for the night. how can u say no to that even though wasn't ready as i still have that horrible cough and still do today.

a woman who works for luv a mutt and lives in same area( she was one who told rescue group as it was about  a coworkers mom) went there and picked up baby and drove to us. she said the woman died in january and man didn't want to turn in dog to shelter as 7 yr old black labs woudl be put down ( so life on chaian is bettter- some people)

baby was full of energy so we took her to the park and she did great. something here does not add up. there is no way this dog has been chained up since january. she is in excellent physical condition, actually slightly overweight, very well adjusted - not at all skittish or scared. also her nails are neatly trimmed. i can believe a month or two but no way 6 months.

baby loves to fetch but unlike charlie she doesn't bark like crazy. she knows here basic commands and walks nicely on leash.  she just wants to be loved , i am sure she misses her mommy.

 this is actually a ct page( sunbeam by a+ designs) but will save that for another post.

these 3 photos were sent to me 

some photos of baby from her first day with us: