Friday, June 8, 2012

back from moclips

Cooper and i returned from moclips earlier in the week. we both had a fabulous time. it was so peaceful here. while not warm, the weather did hold up for the most part. i have never seen tide so low every time we went to the beach so cooper never swam, just got his feet wet. the inn where we stayed was just across the street from the beach, a very easy quick walk was all tha twas needed. we all had this huge beach practically to our selves. teh few times we did see others they had dogs too. one day we went to ocean shores. it turned out there was a kite festival on the beach there. that area was packed. so cooper could not go off leashed and tring to get pics iwth him pulling was not the easiest.

in both ocean shores and moclips on certain parts of the beach you are allowed to drive your car. never seen that before. the moclips beach was filled with dead crabs,some whole, some not. thankfully cooper had no interest in them. lucky ( the golden tretriever) loved picking up dead stuff and one day he carried a dead bird found on thee beach the entire walk until his mom took it away on our wy back to the room. normally cooper gets around 1 hour of exercise a day and it is not every day. here he was going out 2-3 times a day. the first time out each day he and lucy( short haired pointer mix) played so much. second time, hardly at all. im sure lucy would have but cooper does not have that much energy.

the other ladies hardly took any pics, most jsut used htier p hone camera and one had a p/s camera like me. i took over 400 photos. sure most were bad but did get a few good ones in here. unfortunately i did not get very many pics inside as lucy got so fearful just being in the same room when the flash went off. the other thing i got no pics were of the hot tub. camera not waterproof and no one else took pics there either. it felt so good going in there.

i returned with a terrible cough and stuffed up nose. also have been gettng real bad headaches( the cough does not help). luckily my hand/wrist has not been hurting worse but since being back i thas had lots of time to rest as i have done zero typing until today ( am am feeling the effects of it now) and tried unsuccessfully to make a page. 

link to photobucket were i put some photos up -

meanwhile will try to figure out how to do a slideshow in here.

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