Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby - my new foster

meet Baby my new foster dog. I found out about her on Saturday and because this was such a dire case i got her sunday. i was told her owner died and her husband who didn't like the dog had her chianed up in backyard from 7am to 10PM  at night with NO SHELTER. then her brought her in and she was locked in the bathroom for the night. how can u say no to that even though wasn't ready as i still have that horrible cough and still do today.

a woman who works for luv a mutt and lives in same area( she was one who told rescue group as it was about  a coworkers mom) went there and picked up baby and drove to us. she said the woman died in january and man didn't want to turn in dog to shelter as 7 yr old black labs woudl be put down ( so life on chaian is bettter- some people)

baby was full of energy so we took her to the park and she did great. something here does not add up. there is no way this dog has been chained up since january. she is in excellent physical condition, actually slightly overweight, very well adjusted - not at all skittish or scared. also her nails are neatly trimmed. i can believe a month or two but no way 6 months.

baby loves to fetch but unlike charlie she doesn't bark like crazy. she knows here basic commands and walks nicely on leash.  she just wants to be loved , i am sure she misses her mommy.

 this is actually a ct page( sunbeam by a+ designs) but will save that for another post.

these 3 photos were sent to me 

some photos of baby from her first day with us:


  1. What a beautiful dog. Hope Baby finds the perfect home.

  2. Oh, she's wonderful! Hope she finds her new home soon! (And I agree, something doesn't add up!)