Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cinco de mayo by Ditz Bitz

Brenda of Ditz Bitz has just finished her newest kit., This one is called Cinco de Mayo and is a fun filled kit available free on her blog. For this kit, Brenda collaborated with Linda of scrappinbelle15shideaway for the wordart. You can get the wordart at both Linda's blog and Brenda's blog.This is my CT page

Kit Preview

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CT pages for Ditz Bitz

Brenda of ditzbitz has been very busy making her fabulous free kits.
I have been making my ct pages for her.
Golden Girl kit
my page which I made for the roaring 20's challenge
Baby girl's first easter
Cooper in his Easter outfit
Easter Egg Hunt
Cooper hunting eggs

dock diving photos

With all the pc porblems never had the chance to post the dock diving photos

first is the big air

extreme vertical photos

Monday, April 25, 2011


this is Talla my new foster dog. I got her on Saturday. She may just look like my last one but she is 7 months old and only 30 pounds. Guessing she is lab mixed with  border collie. She is an owner surrender and has been living in the garage of    her family. thus totally untrained in every way but she was taught sit. they had young kids but kids got afraid when she jumped on them. hey puppies jump.  She may have gotten a walk once a week. She loves to play fetch and tug of war.  She does loves people and kids  - just needs to be taught better manners. living in a garage she has never  learned any potty training - she just did her business whenever she had to.  already in a day she is starting to learn. but as of right now she can't hold it more than an hour or two even overnight - she never had to before. Have a feeling she will be adopted pretty quickly.

As I traditionally do whenever I get a foster I make a page and here is Talla's page

some more photos of her including ones with talla  and cooper playing

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Computer problems galore


shortly after my last post I started to have computer problems- both pc and internet problems  First internet died on desktop. Than on all pc’s. days later got internet  back on laptops only as had to get a new router. But then my netbook dies completely -  adobe flash message but did not click on it. Got virus than hard drive failure. Now other laptops in home working with internet but can only use those a few minutes at a time so without desktop I am basically with no internet. tomorrow was going to buy a new network card for my desktop earlier today hubby figured out what was wrong with desktop – some setting got changed so now I am back up and working. Hip hip hooray!

so while I have internet back fully my netbook is still dead. Its not worth fixing . I will miss having it as it was so great to relax on the couch and web surf with it.

so many pics wanted to share between easter, dock diving and other happenings this past week.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Puyallup Spring Fair

this weekend was the annual spring fair which is a smaller version of the big fair held in September. One reason I love to go is that one the events they have here is dock diving. Usually I go on Sunday as that is when the finals are but this year went on Saturday. the reason was we were thinking of going to a doggie easter hunt today but decided not to go due to it was quite far and while it was a fun event last year Cooper was very disappointed that the eggs did not contain kibble. I was amazed he remembered the previous years egg hunt that had kibble filled eggs. there  is another doggie Easter egg hunt next weekend just as far in complete opposite direction. never been to this one but its always fun to try different ones plus this one is also a supply drive for the agency that i do foster work with.

weather was not very spring like but then again this is Seattle so you never know what to expect.  all the dock diving throughout saturday was the one most people are familiar with and the most popular one  - the big air which is like the long jump. win is based on distance. I even did a page last year for an air competition

Until yesterday I have never seen the extreme vertical. It was  later than I wanted to stay but i really wanted to see it and glad i did. this is where the dogs jump up vertically and they have to remove the bumper completely. If they just knock it off that is  fine. If the dog missed 2 times throughout the entire competition they are out.

while labs are the mot popular dog you see in dock diving, Cooper will not jump. 

I took some photos but not uploaded yet. I hope to post them  tomorrow.

Friday, April 15, 2011

WOW - my blog got an award!

boy was I surprised to see that I got an award. last thing i ever expected from this blog.

It came from Linda of scrappinbelle15shideaway . Thank you so much for this award.
Be sure to visit her blog if you are in need of some gorgeous wordart
Linda received it from another blogger - Mary of Mary Mixes who makes beautiful freebie kits. Mary made the award and Linda passed it on.

Linda thank you for being such a good friend. I will always treasure this award.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Super Cooper kit

I know i am quite late posting this but better late than never, brenda made a kit called super cooper. Initially I thought she was just making a dog kit and wanted to include a couple of photos of cooper but it ended up being a kit focusing on cooper although you could use it for any dog. I felt very honored and touched that she wanted to do this. isn't this just the cutest kit!

the kit is free and available on her blog here

here are the 2 pages I made

pages made by others

made by scrappy nanny g
made by brenda

made by granny franny

made by kittylicious

Friday, April 8, 2011

SBF designers - lavenderskies

the newest person to get into designing is yvonne AKA lavenderskies.

She has made 2 beauitful kits so far and they are available free on her blog here

I have made one page with each of her kits
color my world kit
heavenly kit

Friday, April 1, 2011

SBF designers - DitziB

Brenda/DitziB is a new designer but already she has made 6 kits in the past few weeks all of which are freebies. She is a wonderful new talent so be sure to check her out. ditz bitz

I was thrilled she asked me to be on her CT ( her creative team)

I don't know how many more kits she has in the working but I do know about one of them. I won't say anything more except its one that is close to my heart.

So far I have only made one page of cooper with her kits. this was with Luisa's Hacienda kit

Luisa's Hacienda preview
my purple dawn page
purple dawn preview
one steampunk garden page
another steampunk garden page I made
steampunk garden preview
my gothic romance page
gothic romance preview
my denim delight page
denim delight preview
rainbow land preview
I have not yet made a page with this kit but stay tuned I will.