Monday, April 18, 2011

Puyallup Spring Fair

this weekend was the annual spring fair which is a smaller version of the big fair held in September. One reason I love to go is that one the events they have here is dock diving. Usually I go on Sunday as that is when the finals are but this year went on Saturday. the reason was we were thinking of going to a doggie easter hunt today but decided not to go due to it was quite far and while it was a fun event last year Cooper was very disappointed that the eggs did not contain kibble. I was amazed he remembered the previous years egg hunt that had kibble filled eggs. there  is another doggie Easter egg hunt next weekend just as far in complete opposite direction. never been to this one but its always fun to try different ones plus this one is also a supply drive for the agency that i do foster work with.

weather was not very spring like but then again this is Seattle so you never know what to expect.  all the dock diving throughout saturday was the one most people are familiar with and the most popular one  - the big air which is like the long jump. win is based on distance. I even did a page last year for an air competition

Until yesterday I have never seen the extreme vertical. It was  later than I wanted to stay but i really wanted to see it and glad i did. this is where the dogs jump up vertically and they have to remove the bumper completely. If they just knock it off that is  fine. If the dog missed 2 times throughout the entire competition they are out.

while labs are the mot popular dog you see in dock diving, Cooper will not jump. 

I took some photos but not uploaded yet. I hope to post them  tomorrow.

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