Monday, April 25, 2011


this is Talla my new foster dog. I got her on Saturday. She may just look like my last one but she is 7 months old and only 30 pounds. Guessing she is lab mixed with  border collie. She is an owner surrender and has been living in the garage of    her family. thus totally untrained in every way but she was taught sit. they had young kids but kids got afraid when she jumped on them. hey puppies jump.  She may have gotten a walk once a week. She loves to play fetch and tug of war.  She does loves people and kids  - just needs to be taught better manners. living in a garage she has never  learned any potty training - she just did her business whenever she had to.  already in a day she is starting to learn. but as of right now she can't hold it more than an hour or two even overnight - she never had to before. Have a feeling she will be adopted pretty quickly.

As I traditionally do whenever I get a foster I make a page and here is Talla's page

some more photos of her including ones with talla  and cooper playing

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  1. She looks like a real sweetie! Love the pics of her and Cooper playing together.