Sunday, April 24, 2011

Computer problems galore


shortly after my last post I started to have computer problems- both pc and internet problems  First internet died on desktop. Than on all pc’s. days later got internet  back on laptops only as had to get a new router. But then my netbook dies completely -  adobe flash message but did not click on it. Got virus than hard drive failure. Now other laptops in home working with internet but can only use those a few minutes at a time so without desktop I am basically with no internet. tomorrow was going to buy a new network card for my desktop earlier today hubby figured out what was wrong with desktop – some setting got changed so now I am back up and working. Hip hip hooray!

so while I have internet back fully my netbook is still dead. Its not worth fixing . I will miss having it as it was so great to relax on the couch and web surf with it.

so many pics wanted to share between easter, dock diving and other happenings this past week.

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