Tuesday, June 28, 2011

animals can do anything

there is currently a challenge at SBF called animals can do anything. the idea is  to make pages of YOUR PET doing things that animals don't ordinarily do.  Some people put in pages using internet photos. The challenge owner will not remove them. This happens way too often that challenge owners make rules and won't enforce them because they don't want to get people pissed at them. why have rules if they aren't going to be followed. Sometimes the rules aren't clear but lets say you have a challenge that says  no flowers  - thats pretty clear cut, yet there were pages that had them.

for this challenge i redid an old page. Besides the rules saying your pet it also said no people and this page had cartoonish people so to be safe I just  made a new page with the same idea -- cooper the astronaut.

I did put in an old page - cooper wins the race

Monday, June 27, 2011

new pc update

My new pc did arrive end of may. but there were problems with it. the video card seems to have been bad. tech gave me a fix - it worked for a week and then went bad. then another fix and again one week later it went bad. next fix and this time it only took a couple of days. what happened was I was getting horrible graphic glitches in the game and this also occurred in a graphic test they told me to download so it wasn't just the game.

besides that i kept getting a non responding message in so many programs - firefox, PSE9 ( the demo), xnview and powerdesk. for powerdesk i just assumed it was due to its age but that doesn't hold true for all the other programs. I wrote in on a PSE board and they said it was not normal. first tech guy i spoke to said this was due to using non 64 bit virus program.

so after the 3rd time video card went bad, the tech guy suggested I send the pc back. I did. I just got it back this past friday. I have no idea what was done. I do know they did not reformat the c drive as my programs were still on the c drive and I did not have to reinstall anything . my guess is   they just reinstalled windows and replaced the video card. while video card seems to be working , i need to give it at least a week before I will be satisfied.

it is possible that the non responding problem was related to the video card. while that does seem to be a bit better, some firefox pages load so slow - you see the icon spinning for a long time especially when i change pages at SBF. so I may just have to try microsofts virus program.

Friday, June 24, 2011

1000 pages and SBF membership woes

yesterday I made a fun Cooper page in honor of having 1000 pages.
 in reality it is more but i was using the number that the public sees. when you upload 2 or more pages together only you can see that it counts as more. Also before i changed plans last year I was deleting pages galore.

today i went to post a new page of talla and cooper and i was in for a shock. my status reverted to silver which means i can only have 500 pages instead of the unlimited I have now and thus cannot do any uplaoding. apparently my subscription ran out. I thought it was automatically renewed,. well it was sort of - it was renewed to silver not diamond. don't know why. now I am in danger of losing so many pages. I immediately upgraded to diamond again but so far it hasn't shown up. if the pages are gone i am going to raise hell - tonight at 9:30 when sbf does their daily updates is when i will know.  what if you are on vacation. there really has to be a short grace period so you can upgrade back without losing anything.

the timing of this so ironic - post my 1000th page and next day can't post at all.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Talla Update!

great update on Talla. this post may be long and it took about a week to write it up as i can only do such a small amount at a time. maybe some day I will be able to type what is normal amount for me.
Talla has been adopted and I am absolutely thrilled about her new family. of all my foster dogs this has to be far and away the best match. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen. I had her nearly a month before the first application even came in even though she was the most viewed dog at loveamutt.

The first family to come over sounded very good but her jumping was too much. The next family to come over sounded great. She would never be home along more than 4-5 hours , they go to Marymoor park ( has swimming) and will do some camping by the lake. The woman came over by herself just to check her out as she did not want to get her kids hope up. She has 3 kids to girls- 11 and 14 and a 7 year old son who would love to play fetch and tug all day long with a new dog. She seemed to love Talla and was not all that concerned about the jumping even
though she said her 7 yr old was small – looked more like he was 5. her biggest concern was that she had 2 cats including one very old one and talla was an unknown about that. I thought there was a high possibility she would be rejected because of the cats but I was never expecting her to be turned down because of the jumping.

2 more applications came and quickly after that and were just as quickly rejected. One had 3 kids age 1.5 to 5. the other was a single woman who would be leaving her alone 8-12 hours a day plus she wanted a nonclingy dog.  Then came Emma’s application. If I was to make a checklist of  the ideal family to adopt talla it would go something like this:

talla not to be left long no more than 4-5 hours a day
        Emma- stay at home mom and never more than 1-2 hours a day
being able to swim
        Emma- lives on Bainbridge island and on the beach
Family with kids but not too young
        Emma – one 11 year old boy
You could not ask for a better fit. The family came over on Thursday. Talla jumped a lot on the boy and when they left and said they would think it over, I had no doubt they would reject her,. You can imagine my surprise when a few hours later they called and said they wanted her. They are going on vacation so we are going to hold her until they can pick her up on july 3.

And on Saturday if I had any doubts they would change her mind it was all gone after the e-mail we got from Emma. They made a vet appt for her, wanted her neck size for a new collar, offered to get cooper   some treats, and Maxwell her son is so excited to have a new best friend as their previous dog recently died at a young age of 5 due to kidney disease. Talla already has puppy play dates lined up, their neighbor is getting a lab puppy and the inlaws who live on their property have dogs and farm animals. What a fantastic life talla will have.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lins Creations Egoli

Lindsey of Lins Creations has just made a fabulous new freebie kit available on her blog with an African theme called Egoli. Egoli means city of gold. Lindsey does live in south Africa. She plans to have some addons to the kit too.

Here is my CT page i made with it. the woman and giraffe are tubes.

kit previews

ditz bitz garden fairy blue and pink

Brenda has just released 2 wonderful garden fairy kits there are tow versions - one in blue and one in pink which you can get at her  blog

I made 2 CT pages one for each kit:

previews of the kits:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

ditz bitz steampunk fairyland AND funny fairies

brenda has been so busy making kits. one can hardly keep up with her. these are available on her site

first we have steampunk fairyland and this is my ct page
kit preview:

funny fairies - my ct page
 kit previews
 once again brenda has worked with Linda for wonderful wordart addition to the kit. you can get this at brendas blog or at linda's blog

Friday, June 17, 2011

recent Cooper pages

thought I would post some of my recent pages of cooper. the 2 most recent ones are fun scene pages - which is probably my favorite type of page to make.

this  is for a challenge called no flowers and bows which i made today   using kit by high four designs

this one was for the cupcakes challenge with kit by lorie davidson

as it so happens these are two of my favorite designers. there are so many that I do love and admire their talent.

 Butterflies and flowers challenge
 Alphabet Soup L challenge

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ditz bitz sepia rose

Brenda has created a fabulous sepia kit called Sepia rose. she is now selling some of her kits for a very low price and you can get them at her site.

this is my ct page which was made 100% with the kit

kit previews:

Friday, June 10, 2011

another summer holiday page and addon

I just had to do a second page using Lindsey new kit Summer Holiday. This time I scrapped photos of Talla swimming. its hard to believe that 2 weeks ago she did n't know how to swim. she did love playing in the water and I had a feeling she would be a great swimmer but never this fast. 
 LIndsey has also made an addon of 11 more fabulous papers available free  here 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer holidays

my friend Lindsey is the latest SBF member to take to designing. She just released a fabulous free sea kit called summer holidays which you can get here. I just love the backgrounds in here. they are some of the best i have seen in any kit and that includes paid kits.

this is my page using the kit with cooper and driftwood for the driftwood challenge

here are the preveiws of the kit

Friday, June 3, 2011

Anniversary pages

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary.It has been 21 years. Some of my friends at SBF made me an anniversary page. It is amazing the talent that all these ladies have.  I love them all. thank you so much. Jerry loved them all too.

first page to show is by lins as she made me a quick page. I put in a photo from several years ago which was taken on my anniversary.

herea are the fabulous other pages made for me
this is by Sherry

this is by carol

this is by Lisa

this is by Lorna
 this is by joyce
 if you are observant you may have noticed that some of the pages say 20 years. about a month ago i was asked when my anniversary was and the year. Apparently it got mixed it and was believed to be 20. i  thought i corrected it but I guess I didn't. no big deal really. as it is the thought that counts and i kind of like having all these pages for 20th year ( round year - bigger celebration, LOl)