Friday, June 3, 2011

Anniversary pages

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary.It has been 21 years. Some of my friends at SBF made me an anniversary page. It is amazing the talent that all these ladies have.  I love them all. thank you so much. Jerry loved them all too.

first page to show is by lins as she made me a quick page. I put in a photo from several years ago which was taken on my anniversary.

herea are the fabulous other pages made for me
this is by Sherry

this is by carol

this is by Lisa

this is by Lorna
 this is by joyce
 if you are observant you may have noticed that some of the pages say 20 years. about a month ago i was asked when my anniversary was and the year. Apparently it got mixed it and was believed to be 20. i  thought i corrected it but I guess I didn't. no big deal really. as it is the thought that counts and i kind of like having all these pages for 20th year ( round year - bigger celebration, LOl)

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