Tuesday, June 28, 2011

animals can do anything

there is currently a challenge at SBF called animals can do anything. the idea is  to make pages of YOUR PET doing things that animals don't ordinarily do.  Some people put in pages using internet photos. The challenge owner will not remove them. This happens way too often that challenge owners make rules and won't enforce them because they don't want to get people pissed at them. why have rules if they aren't going to be followed. Sometimes the rules aren't clear but lets say you have a challenge that says  no flowers  - thats pretty clear cut, yet there were pages that had them.

for this challenge i redid an old page. Besides the rules saying your pet it also said no people and this page had cartoonish people so to be safe I just  made a new page with the same idea -- cooper the astronaut.

I did put in an old page - cooper wins the race

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