Friday, June 24, 2011

1000 pages and SBF membership woes

yesterday I made a fun Cooper page in honor of having 1000 pages.
 in reality it is more but i was using the number that the public sees. when you upload 2 or more pages together only you can see that it counts as more. Also before i changed plans last year I was deleting pages galore.

today i went to post a new page of talla and cooper and i was in for a shock. my status reverted to silver which means i can only have 500 pages instead of the unlimited I have now and thus cannot do any uplaoding. apparently my subscription ran out. I thought it was automatically renewed,. well it was sort of - it was renewed to silver not diamond. don't know why. now I am in danger of losing so many pages. I immediately upgraded to diamond again but so far it hasn't shown up. if the pages are gone i am going to raise hell - tonight at 9:30 when sbf does their daily updates is when i will know.  what if you are on vacation. there really has to be a short grace period so you can upgrade back without losing anything.

the timing of this so ironic - post my 1000th page and next day can't post at all.

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