Monday, June 27, 2011

new pc update

My new pc did arrive end of may. but there were problems with it. the video card seems to have been bad. tech gave me a fix - it worked for a week and then went bad. then another fix and again one week later it went bad. next fix and this time it only took a couple of days. what happened was I was getting horrible graphic glitches in the game and this also occurred in a graphic test they told me to download so it wasn't just the game.

besides that i kept getting a non responding message in so many programs - firefox, PSE9 ( the demo), xnview and powerdesk. for powerdesk i just assumed it was due to its age but that doesn't hold true for all the other programs. I wrote in on a PSE board and they said it was not normal. first tech guy i spoke to said this was due to using non 64 bit virus program.

so after the 3rd time video card went bad, the tech guy suggested I send the pc back. I did. I just got it back this past friday. I have no idea what was done. I do know they did not reformat the c drive as my programs were still on the c drive and I did not have to reinstall anything . my guess is   they just reinstalled windows and replaced the video card. while video card seems to be working , i need to give it at least a week before I will be satisfied.

it is possible that the non responding problem was related to the video card. while that does seem to be a bit better, some firefox pages load so slow - you see the icon spinning for a long time especially when i change pages at SBF. so I may just have to try microsofts virus program.

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