Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Scrapbook of the week

every sunday at 9:00 PM a scrapbook of the week (SOTW) and funny scrapbook of the week is chosen at SBF and you get a special icon for this award which is on your home page

This past Sunday I own - thank you to all members who voted on my page

Initially it was given to the high scores but because the same people were winning it , the editors at the site now have it so you can only win  once every 12 weeks ( either award) under your name there is actually a bar saying when you are eligible to win again.

this is my winning page starring cooper

this was my last  SOTW - usually pages get about 100 extra point but htis page got way more than that. have no idea why. And as of now it is the highest scoring page for 2011

my previous SOTW is  not  cooper page - really loved how it turned out but  you cannot see it on the site as that was during the period when many pages were lost. I did not want to reupload as I did not want to lose all the comments and favorites added.this was nov 2010

aug 2010 I got funny scrapbook of the week for Cooper goes surreal
may 2010 was funny scrapbbok when i did a page for another sbf members pet - captain jack sparrow

feb 2010 got SOTW for landscape page -  kind of surprised as don't think it is  one of my better  pages. this was called green
oct 2009 was my first funny scrapbook award and it was with cooper - called mushroom fantasy - at that  ime any non realistic pages/whimiscial pages were put in humor
july 2009 was my first SOTW and still is one of my fave pages. for hte longest time it was my highest  scoring page- now it is my second highest ( 4 points behind another cooper page)  This was made for a challenge called the hardest challenge. the idea was to extract 2 different pics and place them together on a new background so it would look like one .

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