Friday, May 13, 2011

Seth pages

Seth was a very handsome dog who suddenly died to an SBF friend Sugarpops - Nessa. the entire family was devastated by it. there was recently a challenge to make pages for Seth. in the past for a pet tribute I made a more traditional tribute page but this time I did not. In fact I made 4 pages for the challenge something i rarely do as I feel so bad for the family. i try to imagine what i would feel if cooper suddenly died.

to see all the pages made for seth go here . nessa is planning on making a  memory book of all these pages. what a book it will be - this is a great idea especially for her young daughter meggy. even their small dog toby misses Seth. since the challenge has started the family has a new puppy who apparently has a lot of resemblance to Seth. can't wait to see the photos of him.

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