Tuesday, December 13, 2011

charlie page and photos

As I have had Charlie for about 6 weeks now - thought it was overdue to do a new page of him - last one of charlie was halloween. it has been ages since I have done a page that wasn't ct or for a challenge.

this is the photo from which that pic came from:

this is a rare indoor photo of charlie actually smiling- probably should do a page of this photo.

some more photos of charlie

above is not a smile but him barking

so far only one person has expressed any interest in him at all and the woman never came to see him thru no fault of charlie. a friend of hers told her about a craigs list posting and she went to it,. it was a great dane in bad shape. the owner asked no questions so it was pretty  obvious she was willing to give the dog to the first person who would take him. she had to get the dog out of there.

he is going to be so tough to adopt and thats without the petfinder listing mentioning his  barking problem.  any potential adopter will be told about it.

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