Monday, January 23, 2012

Seattle area ice storm - no power for nearly 3 days

from early thrusday morning to sat night I had no power. even now as of sunday night there are still about 100,000 without power.  basically  after having snow on ties and wed , an ice storm -  freezing rain hit the area. Branches on trees were icicles and trees and branches were falling along with power lines. some have been w/o power since tuesday.

at one point they said 300,000 had no power. area was declared state of emergency. power crews were brought in from other parts of washingotn and nearby states but didn't arrive until fri afternoon and say all won't be restored until tuesday.

thurs morn  jerry took photos ,tonight he finally uploaded them- he ONLY took literally a handful of photos , mostly distant shots. - nothing of trees fallen in yard. unbelievable!

 on thurs never  left the house all day as road conditions were just awful. found an ancient walkman that  had a radio so we are getting weather and updates. afternoon wasn't too bad as some  heat remained  plus i have a gas fireplace in my family room.

news radio was doing  what they called neighbor ot neighbor wher e people  called up  and told briefly what they were going thru. while helpful radio also says dumb things - like mention places to go if have no heat( churches, community centers, etc) but not all. then says for full list go to website. if we could get on web than we have power. also they seem to forget that if you don't live on main road  you are not going to be out driving as side streets don't get plowed here. i have never listed to talk radio as much as i did these past days

on fri and sat once roads were better went to library to charge up laptops and it was packed. 

i don't even want to think how much worse this would have been if weather did not warm up and rain on fri.

with each day was very concerned about food in fridge and freezer but after power was back on checked everything and it seems like all is good.

these are best of my pics and not very good

these pics really don't s how the area is so think will find some more and post them tomorrow - i saw one guy on flickr had about 200 photos.

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  1. It's at times like these I'm glad I live in the UK, where the weather is generally OK most of the time. Certainly don't ever remember any ice storms such as this one you describe. I hope you can all keep well, warm and safe. I bet Cooper and Charlie aren't exactly keen on it, either.

    Warmest regards,

    Karen x