Saturday, February 18, 2012

Charlie has been adopted!!!!

Charlie has been adopted! !

after nearly 4 months Charlie has been adopted by a wonderful fmaily of 3 - mom  shelley, dad and 8 yr old boy. he went home to his new family today.

 they first came to visit charlie on sunday. dad didn't seem all that interested and the boy was very shy, wouldn't even touch charlie but the mom loved him. charlie didn't even a bark once the entire visit unlike the first family that came to see him where he never stopped barking (they also brought there small dog and 4 children so it may have been overwhelming)  they even took him for a walk and he was quiet, true he did have a toy in his mouth but still quite impressive for charlie.we did tell them about his barking, his excesive need to chew on toys/bones  and he can be a bit mouthy when giving him treats

they first saw charlie on petfinder but wasn't sure they wanted an older dog. both had large dogs when growing up but for various reasons it was never the right time as adults. now they were ready but had problems adopting. why - because there son was 8. i actually checked and sure enough the  local humane society said over 12 even for senior dogs. how crazy is that. 8 is a great age for a kid to get a dog. so they went to craigs list.. and who do they see on craigs list - charlie.

previously  there has been a few inquires about charlie from craigs list but as soon as they heard they had to fill out an application, that was the end of them. but not shelley. even though he was older, he seemed so full of life - there was a video of him fetching. she even sent the video to relatives and friends at work before even meeting charlie.  her biggest concern was that they had 2 cats.  charlie has shown no interest outside in birds,squirrels, etc.  we took him to the  store sunday morning where they have cats to adopt. he saw one in a crate and had no reaction. i honestly do not think i t will be a problem.

i felt very good about the family. He would not be left along on most days for no longer than 3 hours and  shelley even wanted to take him to work as she works in a small but very dog friendly office. . i was not sure how well that woudl be with his barking but you never know.  I was hoping when they took him for the walk they were going to discuss it. they left saying they were going to tihnk about it. around 5 minutes passed and there as a knock on the door. they wanted charlie. however they were not ready for him. so we went over things they  needed. he was pa id for and

would be picking him up Friday as she has the following week off. I was expecting the next day they changed their mind. instead got messages they were getting very excited and were getting stuff ready.

friday morning they came and picked up charlie. I had a goodie bag made for them including his favorite toys and a cd of all photos/videos of him.   got an email later that he seems to be adjusting fine and when introduced to the cats, tried to give them a toy ( makes you wonder if charlie when he was owned lived with cats). they said they would send pictures.

heres a page i just made of charlie

last week got some valentines pics of charlie so want to do a page for that

what a long post - started this sunday and been doing bits each day - may be this is why my hand has been really bad the past couple of days and I pushed myself to much to finish this


  1. Wonderful news that Charlie has found a new home. :-) It's a lovely page you have made to remind you of his time with you. Here's hoping he has a long and happy life with his new family.

  2. Wow, I am so glad that Charlie was adopted. I loved reading about this, as you know I am a Foster Mom also. Best wishes to Charlie in his new home! :)