Saturday, September 8, 2012

Coopers weekend outings whidbey island

Coopers weekend outings whidbey island Wag N Walk  aug 26

baby was adopted the previous day. if we still had her she would have went as this was a very loooong day. last time went here was 3 years ago. going is 2 fold- one the dog event and second the dog park double bluff park. a huge park with endless beach for the dog and a huge hill kids and dogs love to climb  up.

 on the ferry
 another ferry boat
motircycle guy who was giving cooper lots of love
 sign when lkleave ferry
 conehead - costume contest was space  themed . didnt have anything and this was in car- hat from ice cream sunday costume

 at doublebluff dog park

official description:  Running along the base of steep Double Bluff, the Double Bluff Beach Off-Leash Area is a two-mile-long stretch of salt water beach on Useless Bay. At the base of the bluffs, enormous tangles of driftwood make great doggy jungle gyms. When the tide is out, the beach is hundreds of feet wide but even at high tide, the beach is wide enough for dogs to run themselves to a state of blissful exhaustion.
 For humans, Double Bluff offers stunning views of Mt Rainier, the Seattle skyline, the Olympic Peninsula and the shipping lanes. Soaring Bald Eagles and Great Blue Herons wading at the edge of the surf can be seen frequently. Grey whales put in an occasional appearance, too, especially in the Spring.

 the bluff

 the view at park
for first time went to anothe dog park whihc was between double bluff and ferry terminal Marguerite Brons Memorial Park as they siad htere were trails
web description -  The wooded section of the park, an area of about 11 acres, is criss-crossed with well-maintained trails and is perfect for dogs who like to follow a scent through the woods. This area is also completely fenced, with gates allowing entry from the field or directly from the parking lot.

how lucky  dogs in this area are to have 2 parks like this so close together. neve r been to a do g p ark that had trails
regualr do gpark section is nothing special and actually  this was left there  a dvice to pick up balls and coope r actually got cought in it. he was not hurt

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