Friday, September 7, 2012

Coopers weekend outings

Coopers weekend outings

on request of friends  who wanted to see pics of cooper from pasado's bark i thought i would post them and hopefully will do this more often. 

pasado's bark - aug 19
at this time had baby but let cooper have a day to himself. had baby gone, dont think cooper would have been such a big ham

pasado - the org running this event

best dressed  he was actual y the only od g in costume. other dog was just wearing a scarf .
the 2 entrants battling it out - yes the judges picked up on that and made the comment
dorothy -owner of dining dog cafe
peanut butter eating ocntest - cooper got off to slow start - was looking at ground not spoon yet still won
enjoying doggie ice cream
 pie eating contest from dining dog cafe

 cooper was smiling all day

cooper with his 3 first place prizes - best dressed, pie eating ( gift certificate to dinig odg cafe) and peanut butter eating contest

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