Sunday, March 20, 2011

birthday photos with my first slideshow

Cooper had a great birthday - i think he really enjoyed himself. Friday afternoon the cake was made and he got to lick out the batter.  Jerry and I each hand fed him a slice of pizza. all during this tried to get some photos. He would not tolerate either of his birthday hats this year but did get a pic of him smiling in front of cake and presents.

both Sammy and cooper got cake and they will both be having it all week.  i am pretty sure i used the same recipe last year but this year it came out much better at least as far as humans eating it. last year i recall it being more dried and not sweet enough.

As Cooper was getting too tired to open presents ( he is always tired), he opened them Saturday morning. Sometime I think he enjoys tearing off the wrapping paper more than the actual toy. One toy was a giraffe that makes noise if you just shake it and the other was a small round toy - he loves to mouth these types.

after just cooper, Jerry and i went to marymoor park. we haven't been there since Sammy has been here. (park is too large and not totally fenced so is not good for Sammy with the way he loves to run). Cooper sat up and smiles the whole trip there and then entire time we were there and even most of the way home. he never smiles that long. even though he never played with other dogs, i have no doubt he was just so happy to be with us alone.

( this post took all weekend to type up in bits and pieces)

I made one page so far of his birthday.
Below is my first slide show where you can see some of the photos I took

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  1. Stacey your slideshow is fantastic, looks like Cooper had a brilliant day with all is birthday treats and his cake. looks like he really enjoyed himself. xx