Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sammy, my current foster dog

I have been fostering Sammy - a black lab mix for over a month now. I work with a wonderful small rescue group called Love a Mutt
  He is very high energy thus it has been hard to find the right family to meet his energy needs.  Tomorrow morning a family is coming over to look at him. They have one dog and from the photos , Sammy and their dog could be twins. I always make at least one scrapbook page of any dog  I foster.

this is the  page I made right after I got Sammy
it snowed briefly for one day so naturally had to take the dogs out  to play in it
this layout is photos when i gave Sammy a tire toy. the first couple of days he loved it but now he hardly touches it.

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  1. Fantastic pages Stacey, Sammy looks like a lovely dog. looks like Cooper likes playing with him. You do a fantastic job fostering the dogs. xx