Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SBF pet challenge #3

Last week DitziB ( brenda ) held the 3rd SBF pet challenge. This is where you upload photos of your pet and others scrap them. You do NOT scrap your own pet. As Coopers birthday was during the challenge I uploaded some generic birthday photos from previous years. 4 pages were made and I was quite happy about that as he has been in the previous 2 so i wasn't sure if anyone would even bother to scrap him. I love them all.

to see all the wonderful pages in this challenge click here

kittylicious's page ( she also made a separate extraction which is being used in the birthday banner)

 made by belle15

made by abbyspots

made by shellandshilo

For the challenge I did the maximum 5 pages
this one was for Goinscraphappy and it came in first

this page was for Serendipity123

this page was for oreosmeow - Bradley is a cat living at her vet clinic and was returned after being with the same fmaily for many years because of diabetes. And has had a hard time adjusting. everyone has fallen in love with bradley.
this page for barknmeows
this page for Neeltje


  1. Love the pages of Cooper and love the pages you have made, congratulations on getting first place. xx

  2. Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article