Saturday, March 17, 2012

cooper wins Leprechaun Photo Contest

 happy st patricks day everyone!!!!!

central bark ( a doggie daycare)  had a st patty day photo contest

Submit a picture of your dog dressed in St. Patty’s Day attire & enter to win!
The winner gets…
- A free one-hour private training session at Central Bark
- The winning photo posted on our Facebook & Twitter account
- A creative Leprechaun bio blog entry

Jerry said to enter one of my scrap pages rather than just a photo and he chose this one:

this morning got email from them  they said.

 "Cooper won!  There were a lot of cute entries but Cooper's was by far the most festive.  You and your wife did a great job with the photo editing.  He definitely embodies the spirit of St. Patty's Day."

Now we need to make him famous.  Please send us a list of...  Cooper's Favorite things·      
 His Dislikes·       
What you enjoy most about him

wonder how many entries there were - guessing not too many

so this is what jerry said

When Cooper is not spreading his Irish charm as a Leprechaun, he is a Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Cooper’s favorite things are: food (of course), car rides, going anyplace where he can meet people, Marymoor dog park, street fairs, dressing up, sniffing new smells, and he loves his over-sized comfy crate – with removed door.

His dislikes are: cats, getting shots in his nose, and the blow dryer.

What his people have to say about him: Cooper if a wonderful sweet dog who has a great smile. He is very laid-back and very tolerant of almost everything. Cooper will be your best friend for the smallest piece of food. We also love his goofy personality, he still has a puppy brain in an adult body (he turns 7 tomorrow). He loves all people and other dogs, and they all love him back. We are always amazed when we meet someone who met him a year ago and still remembers him.

Congratulations to Cooper and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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