Wednesday, March 7, 2012

new art journal kits from Outside the Box design Studio

new art journal kits from Outside the Box design Studio
Yada Yada-No Critics Allowed
 If you have ever tried to sleep in on a Spring or Summer morning and have been awakened by the incessant twitter from a nearby bird, you know the annoyance!  Our inner critic is often like that bird. We are trying to do something good, something beneficial or exciting and he just won't be still.  Yada yada will help!  Hush the criticism, Shush the negativity, and silence the doubt and fears!
You can and YOU WILL!

art dolls from art doll bundle

Doll Face  Art Doll Collection-
an Art Alliance with Pigs In Pink Designs!
Full of hand drawn and painted dolls of many styles,  hand painted papers, accents- and even a sheet alpha!

The Doll Factory 
is open for business and you are the designer!
Create your own art dolls- hand drawn, composites, fantasy- the combination is your fancy!  
Create your  "trademark art doll" !

 Art Doll Bundle
A HUGE collection with varied styles of papers, accents and art dolls. Use one pre-assembled or create your own! Use an extracted photo of yourself or loved one for the head and BAM! you have a one of a kind doll!    Great for personalizing your page.
Terrific for Art Journaling, Hybrid or Altered Art projects.

page uses art bundle only

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