Wednesday, March 14, 2012

new foster girl - mandy

got new foster on monday

this is what i was told:
7-8 month old lab mix.  She is on the smaller side, they are guessing 40 pounds.  She is completely up to date on her
vet care.  She was adopted from an adoption fair and then returned to the Moses Lake shelter for "aggression".   The adopters said she was both people and dog aggressive"

and pics i was sent:

even though weren't ready to foster again( wanted to wait until after coopers birthday ), was told they urgently needed a foster for her as lynn from rescue group i work with has her hands  fill with own dogs, foster puppy and her kids.

this is what lynn siad about her:
"We have been on several walks and she does fine.  After time at the dog park, she will warm up.  Today she is fine with my big dogs.  She is great with my little dog and the puppy that is here.  They play very well.  She is very loving and snuggly and just wants to be with her person.  She is housebroken.
She rides great in the car.  Overall, she is just a wonderful little girl who needs a confident, loving owner.  Oh...I have chickens and she is VERY interested in them so keeping her away from fowl is probably a good idea.  Other than that, she is good!"

i don't see any aggression in that  and now after one day there is none. she is shy towards other dogs but bonds quickly with her people.

will do a page real soon of her - hopefully tomorrow
some pics i took:

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