Sunday, April 1, 2012

mandy adopted

mandy was adopted last sunday
( with my hand hurtin  so much typin has been really bad this week and any amount is such an effort and takes so much out of me

the first family that came to look at her just loved her. they sounded super on paper but u never know. there are 3 kids ages 8-12. the little girl completely fell in love and when they went out to take her for a walk i just knew she found a new home.

their previuos dog recently died and her name was mandy. they already had 3 possible names picked out for her. about 2 hrs after they left, got email from them , mandy is now known as Piper. also got photos of her with each of the kids. today got a video with piper playing in the yard.

this past week made couple of quick pages of her

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