Tuesday, April 3, 2012

more march challenge pages

in march did lots of challenge pages on other sites - and got 2 $5.00 gift certificates to stores and one $7 one.some were brand new ones , some old ones that fit perfectly and others were old ones that were changed just a bit to fit challenge - ie change wordart.as I have seen others use the identical page for a challenge on 2 different sites, i have done this too ( say tempalte at one site and mini on anohter site)

so want to post some of these pages  i have made . as ucan se most of very traditional. doing lots more of this type these days - have a feeling will soon get very tired of it. 

this got a gso over at SDD ( color challenge)

this also got gso over at SDD( this one was just new wordart added)

 at gottapixel this was layout of the day ( use a mini kit)
this one below got a lot of nice  comments over at SBB ( color hcalleng but gave u a kit to use if u so desired)
template challenge

 mini kit provided by karen - kaklei
 this one is old with new wordart
this was prgressive at gds - like the ones ar ddr much better ( soon will do separate post on ddr progressive

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