Sunday, July 3, 2011

coral reef kit by by Axi and Nanet design

on a lark i sent an e-mail to an up and coming designer for a OKC, which i think stands for one kit call. the designer needed help to do a few pages from their new kit to help promote it. as luck would have it the kit was perfect the current mermaid challenge going on at sbf. i never expected to get a response saying yes but I did. I have now registered at digishoptalk where page need to be posted. I hope i am not getting myself over my head with another place. Jerry thought I should post in other sites as he felt people woudl like my cooper pages. Hand has been really hurting bad yesterday and today and have been wearing the brace practically 24/7 hopefully i can copy paste everything ( except my intro note there). if i have to type it may just be too it is just typing with middle and ring finger only now of right hand - left hand totally no good

this is my page - a fun page with cooper and talla - the merdogs
sbf link
here are kit previews

isn't this just a beautiful kit by Axi and Nanet design
 and its only 3.00 at
scrapping your memories and inspirations of scrap friends

page at DST


  1. Absolutely adore your merdogs! Copper is a star :)

  2. Sorry.....typo..... I did mean to say COOPER!