Thursday, July 28, 2011

progressive scrap challenge

my 3rd progressive challenge is just abouut coming to an end. pascale posted step 5 early as she was going out of town. I had a feeling it would be a title but had no idea what else. turns out it was just a title.

as in previous ones I am just amazed at how all the entries come out.

to see all those great pages go here. this one had some things noone expected like clouds and no leaves or flowers. who would ever expect clouds but as you can see people managed very nicely to put them in.
step 1 --- 3 papers , place them centered on top of each other ( each one slightly smaller than the previous one. Border the top one with ribbons or lace or if you wish you can just stroke them)

step 2 --- 3 photo, you have to frame at least two of them, you could frame the third one too but I think it would be nice if you blended it in the top paper or use extracted .. up to you…

step 3 --- add 3 ribbons (they can be all the same or all different), add clouds (as many as you wish)
step 4 --  Swirls (at least 3)
- Stars (as many as you wish)
step 5 -- add a title and or quote.

I realized I never posted the pages from the Progressive_Scrap_Challenge_2 so here they are.

sgtep 1 -- 2 papers ( use one of them twice, cut out or mask a part if you wish ( for example; a strip, a circle, a curved border)
- a lace ribbon.
step 2 --- Add a poem to your page (yes now that you still have lots of space), keep the picture(s) you might use later in your scrap in mind.
step 3 ---- 1 photo , a frame or clipping-mask, 1 bow, 1 flower, 1 heart
- As many leaves as you wish, at least 13 flowers ( Tip: you could make clusters)
step 5 ---1 more heart and a title ( can be wordart)
in this one, I came in second place for overall score and won a kit which was boneur vivre by pascale. progressive scrap 3 was made almost entirely from that kit

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