Sunday, July 3, 2011

my first progressive scrap

  i just recently completed my first progressive scrap
. It was hosted by pascale who is affiliated with both SBF and Digidesignresort (DDR).

She hosts progressive scrap challenges there but she just did the first one at SBF. I thought it was going to be a mess but surprisingly mine was not nor were most of the entries. 6 prizes are given out -  highest votes combined from their 5 steps in the
challenge and  Individual page highest votes on here. I was  surprised to learn that i came in first for total points.

this is how it works - There will be 5 steps that you need to follow, the steps will be posted every 3 days. once step 2 starts you cannot post step 1 nor can you make any changes to previous steps. 50% of what you use to put your page together is designed by Digigdesignresort designer so i used their freebie collab natural breeze.

step 1
You will use 3 papers.
-1 paper is multicolored
-1 plain paper (can be folded or cracked but not dotted or checked or any other design)
-1 paper of your own choice.
-Use the one of your own choice as your main background peper.
-Reduce the size of your plain paper and place it on top.
-Crop or reduce the size of your multi-colored paper approximately to half it's size and place somewhere on top of your plain paper.

- Add 3 frames to your page, add them fully or partly on your top layer (which is your multi-colored paper)
- Add 3 flowers

- Time to add your photos! You have 3 frames placed on your pages already , so 3 photos.
- 1 bow (use twice)
- 1 bird
- 3 leaves ( all the same or all different, up to you)

- 3 more flowers
- 2 more leaves
- a ribbon (use as many times as you wish)

STEP 5 (final)
- A few sparkles or bubbles or both, – A title and some journaling (can be a quote or something about the pictures you used in your scrap), – 1 more element of your own choice (can be one you already used, I used another bird)

and the beautiful kit " magic is you" I won that is by pascale
a 2nd progressive challenge has just started - just uploaded my step 2

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