Tuesday, May 15, 2012

moms place by dillies designs

moms place by dillies designs

Mom's Place is inspired by my mom. She had a wonderful and gorgeous garden, where she loved to go to be by herself for an hour or two each day. Mom use to say that this was her "time out", a beautiful place to collect her thoughts.

Mother's Day
Lyrics: Terry Kluytmans
Let's go out and pick some flowers
And make a big bouquet;
We must bring a special gift
To Mom on Mother's Day!
Here's a rose, and there's a daisy
For our Mom's bouquet,
Pretty flowers to show we love her
More and more each day
This is a full size kit, not all elements are shown on the preview and shadows are for preview purposes only. Mom's Place has 80 elements (various sizes at PNG and 300dpi) and 12 papers (12 x 12 JPG and 300DPI . PERSONAL USE KIT ONLY

page with cooper - 
oil painting  effects added but small pic can't see very well

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