Thursday, May 31, 2012

raylee adopted

raylee got adopted out on tuesday from a couple who lives in canada. they have no kids, do live in a condo ( i think she will be jsut fine in a condo as she doesn't bark much and is very light on her feet).

as i expected she was quite shy when they were at our home. but she did come out a bit with coaxing to let them pet her. unlike last time her tail was never between her legs but still no t up and wagging. we took them over to the dog park and there they were able to see her run and be happy and how she was fine around other dogs. raylee even briefly attempted to play with one dog. 

they just bought a crate for her car ride so they were fully expecting to take her and were well aware of her shyness. they loved the video of her swimming. their parents have a summer beach home.

next day we got a very brief note from them saying she was doing good. they took her to the dogpark and to petsmart.

heres a page i made of raylee

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  1. Beautiful page and lovely news about Raylee. Sounds like she has found a good family and home. :-)