Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Raylee my new foster girl

raylee is my newest foster girl - she has been in the shelter for 6 months and in and out of foster homes ( shelter workers)
she is about 2years old and about 40 pounds - and who knows what breed she is mixed with.
***update - lynn in her petfinder listing called her a  
entlebucher  mix. I have never heard of that breed so wonder how she knew it. so i looked it up and sure enought the photos fo  raylee do look so much like the entlebucher mountain dog

this was description i was told :
" Raylee is a quiet dog that does very well in the foster home she is in here (we have had her since October), The foster has a young Great Dane and she does well with her.  She is still too timid to have fast moving children around, she hides when kids come over.  She seems to enjoy the company of one or two people and gets nervous and scared when more people are around, she will just hide.  She has never shown any aggression.  She was in a foster home (one of my employees) that has a large family and lots of dogs and cats.  She did well there.  She really started to show her personality with the employee and became attached to her.  After she came back from WSU, we placed her in another foster home because the employee had started to foster another dog.  I would like to get her somewhere she may get adopted if you think she would work with them.  She was brought to us because the person that had found her three months earlier feed her, but never allowed her in, and he was moving his trailer and he did not want to take her with him."

 when i met raylee she was so scared and shy, ears down and tail between legs. a few hours later, i had her smiling and tail up. she loves to run and fetch but not overly obsessed with it.
she is very smart girl - i literally tought her to shake in minutes.

I do think she was abused a bit as she does have a tendency to cower and slink as if she is afraid of being hit.

why it has taken 6 months to adopt her is beyond me as she is sweet and loving girl. our guess is she hid and cowered at shelter/adoption event  and did not show well.

 some photos i took. stay tuned for a scrap page of her

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