Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween pages of cooper

Happy Halloween to you all! Have a fun and safe Halloween !

Please remember that chocolate can be deadly to dogs

thank to all of my ct work this year I have made more halloween pages of cooper than ever before yet there are still some costumes from previous years that i  did not make new pages for.

pages made this year that are either actual Halloween pages or  cooper in halloween costume:

below is this years costume - he and jerry went to events as a group   for the first time -  sgt pepeer and yellow submarine.  the group entries this year was so great. at the big dogoween last week just about every category they had went to a group. although they did not win at any event this halloween year several people came up to us and said that jerry/cooper was there favorite so that was very nice  to hear.

while not  an actual Halloween page this  was his costume from 2 years ago where he was a big winner as a couple of competions - cooper the cookie monster ( and he is a cookie monster in real life so it was very fitting)the girl in elmo hat is friends grandaughter and when she held challenge to scrap that photo, i just knew had to do page with her and cooper together

pages from previous years

this page below of cooper in his fireman outfit has special meaning to me. it was made during my first month at sbf and it was the very first award I received there which was a COC ( challenge owners choice)
 this is Cooper at 7 months old - his first halloween outfit
  this is last years halloween costume - he was captain america.

another page while not a halloween page shows him in a halloween costume. the boy is just a  web photo
halloween costume Cooper wore during  this past  summer

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