Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vintage Pets by Lins Creations

Introducing Lins Creations new Vintage pet kit,this kit is huge 84 elements,4 frames and 30 papers
also featuring in this kit is Cooper ( yes, my boy!) who is quite famous at SBF.Vintage pet is available for $3.50 and will be 10% off for the first week

this is the cooper included in the kit 

this is my first page made using dsa2 .  actually i sort of cheated.i made it in photoshop first and sine it didnt use too many items , i thought i would try to recreate it in dsa and I did. it came out pretty close to the pse one except the pawprints are slightly different color as it didn't have the same blend modes i had used and none of the ones in dsa quite matched it

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