Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Maggie and pc updates

on sunday Maggie who I have only had a for a week was adopted by the very first family that came to see her. they are a young engaged couple , no kids for now. the woman would like to take her to work and I think she will be a great dog at work. for the very first time a potential family asked to take the dog for a walk. thinking about it now it is kind of strange it has never happened before. but now i am leaning toward asking families i like if they want to walk the dog near the end of the meeting as this would be a good time fo r them to discuss alone if they want to adopt the dog.

on saturday went to edmonds dogoween. maggie was so tolerant. dresssed her up as a fairy. I actually bought this stuff for a foster last year and she hated it.

I was going to make  page using some of these pics but now not so sure since she is gone

lynn normally never tells us about another dog until we are ready but on monday she did.

"Would you guys be willing to take a senior male yellow lab for a few weeks until I can get a sick dog nursed back to health?  He is 12 and I found him in a shelter.  He is supposedly really sweet and the shelter manager was so thankful I wanted to pull him.  He does not have any outward health issues other than being old.  I will bring him here as soon as I can get the sick dog better.  "Charlie" is arriving on Tuesday."

of course we said yes. as so often happens transports dates change.  now it is looking like saturday.

in pc news-it looks like i will be getting a full refund on pc minus the initial shipping costs when i buoght it. ( that is never refundable even if a person return the pc after having it only a week) so glad there will be no restocking fee. they offered to send it back to me with an additional year of warranty free - no thanks.  all emails have been saved so i am not expecting any problems - lets see how long it takes to get the refund.

yesterday jerry reformatted old pc in hopes of it working better. took hours. on the plus side  i do have sound now. on the negative - have to reinstall everything. already installed pse10 demo, also installed 7zip, xnview and powerdesk - my 3 essentials.  made page this morning and pc slowed down a ton so speed is not getting any better. later today will reinstall topaz which also stopped working. still have no idea what i am doing about a new pc. not usre if i ever mentioned it here but my laptop died couple of months ago. another option would be to get a new laptop and that wouldgive me time to research desktops. but i just don't know if i would like to make pages on a laptop. the hp pavillion dv6t - custom made only- with upgraded video card seems to be a popular model. dell xps15 is another one - with dell u have to watch out for coupons nad there are always deals to be found. know nothing about laptops these days but since i have a price range and general idea it should be a lot easier researching them than a desktop.

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