Tuesday, October 11, 2011

maggie - my new foster girl

on sat - i got a new foster. she is about 3-4 according to the vet and nothing else is known about her. . were guessing she is lab mixed with chow ( see spotted tongue and hair is brown fur under the black).  at the vet she was spayed and chipped.

I almost didn't want ot get her as the writeup lynn did on her ( after having her a few days) made her seem like such a high energy active dog. 

so far she seems somewhat mellow and hardly matches the pet  finder description at all. did she give us the right dog,lol.

i was supposed to get a foster last weekend but there was a mixup in the transport so i got Maggie instead.

as i always do , i make a page right away showcasing my latest foster. 

so far it has been hard to get pictures of her as she moves away when the camera is out. but will keep trying. am hoping to get halloween pics of her as she is quite tolerant and already put on her a fairy costume I bought for a foster last year and she hated it.

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  1. Aww,doesn't she look lovely! I hope she finds a permanent home soon. What does Cooper think of her?