Wednesday, October 26, 2011

new foster - charlie

monday I got a new foster dog. his name is charlie and is estimated to be around 11-12 yrs old. there is no history on him whatsoever. charlie is not even his name - it was given to him from the shelter he was in.  I have no doubt he was a family dog. he was already neutered, knows some basic commands, and is potty trained. was he dumped or just lost. not sure if he is chipped . if he was dumped how cruel is that to dump a senior dog. he is quite thin but overall in very good shape. he  has minor arthritis but can still do stairs and when he is awake he always wants to be chewing on something. he also loves to fetch and will bark at you to do so until you throw a toy. I don't know if he likes to swim but perhaps today will take him to the water. swimming is great for arthritic dogs.

being a senior he is going to be tough to adopt. he is not yet listed on petfinder ( as I am trying to get a good sense of his personality first and what type of home would be best suited for him) and I would not be surprised if there was a very low fee or maybe even none at all for him.

so far Cooper has expressed zero interest in him and vice versa. they are just completely ignoring each other.

he has to be the saddest looking dog I have ever seen. other fosters did not smile a lot but never looked so sad as charlie.  jerry got some pics of him in the park when he barked and they actually look like a smile so they will be a good one to use on petfinder.

here is my first page of charlie

and some photos taken


  1. OH my!! he is so beautiful. I am so glad you have room in your heart to foster. Our first foster was a senior and we ended up adopting him. Four years later, he is loving life!

  2. Charlie looks like he is still quite active for a senior dog. So glad you found him!! Hope you can find him a good home!!! Hugs, Max