Monday, September 12, 2011

copy and paste ct posts

i think the only way i can continue this blog is for all ct related items is to copy and paste from the designer preferably or someone else who already wrote up description of kit. if this is offensive to anyone please let me know and ill try to find another source else will have to resign from that ct  team. i cant do it anymore - just too much typing - left wrist is ultra painful even with brace on. i cant type both personal and ct posts . as it is have to type a bit jsut to upload  into  different forums - of course i do copy paste as much as possible.

thought hand was better in morning but as soon as typed couple word - pain started full force. while blog posts are always done in bits and pieces, uploads cant so have to reserve typing for that.

as it is so far behind on personal posts.will never catch up.

this is being typed with right hand only ( 2 fingers) and now that hand s hurting as  was doing too much which means i cant even scrap/use mouse until pain resides which is usually few hours.

this has just been a n awful week betweem pc problems - still dojn't have access to half my files but at least  have web access, the extreme heat ( hottest week of the  summer) and arthritis really acting up bad. i do think they are all interelated though.

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