Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Daisy my new foster girl

on Friday I got a new foster dog.  her name is Daisy and she is a 2 -3 yer old yellow lab - pretty sure she is a mix as the ears are not quite labbie. I knew nothing about her except that she was just spayed and that her previous owner said she refused the advances of their unneutered male dog. I had 3    photos of her from the shelter. after looking at these photos, how could I say no when asked to foster her.

what I did no know was that it seemed like she had recently give birth . so my guess is that she had those puppies by another dog, not the previous owners dog  and the owner was not too happy about that. on the owner surrender form their were quite a few things that contradicted each other- like she was outside 24 hours a day yet she slept on the bed.
the shelter she was at did a very though evaluation of her and I don't doubt their findings but even after a day some of them were not true. just goes to show how different a dog can be in the shelter and  in a home.  One thing they said is she would not take a treat out of your hand - in less than an hour in my home she took treats from  us.  they also described her as not atypical lab. to me she is very typical-- ball obsessed. clingy and i have a feeling water obsessed too. make her much more of a typical lab than cooper.

some photos taken over the weekend:

I have made 2 pages of her but will save that  for the next blog post as was done as part of my ct work.

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