Thursday, September 22, 2011

more pc problems galore

 my new pc that arrived end of may-begining of june has been nothing but problems since day 1

wanted refund or complete rebuild so  who knows what is going to happen

i don' t expect them to find anything. everytime tech suggests a change it gets better for a few days and than gets things go bad again. that is why i wanted a complete rebuild. jerry wrote down serial numbers on all parts that he could find them.

pc mailed back to company yesterday so who know how long without. saved  firefox profile before sending pc back  but can't get passwords to work on old pc and one external hard drive is inaccessible - get access denied message( has most of my kits)
on top of that - photoshop that worked fine for years ( never uninstalled it) now no longer works right

so now have no software I can use to scrap. well i do have dsa2 and that appears to work fine but i really can't be certain as I  no absolutely nothing about it .

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  1. I hope you get it sorted out soon, mine is also playing up but it is quite old and has to work hard with me doing my scrap pages, so goodluck with yours...suexx