Friday, September 30, 2011

updates - daisy, pc and more

Daisy was adopted 2 weeks ago by a family with 2 young boys. they were at out home for nearly 2 hours and i have never seen daisy so exhausted. the boys age 8 and 12 really seemed to like her. wrote the fmaily a week later and jsut got a very short response saying that daisy was fitting in well with the family, nothing was said about the boys.

it looks like  on sunday I will be getting another foster dog. A female black lab mix named babe. she was given up because the fmaily had tow many dogs. well stupid people dont let them breed - babe has recently given birth ( just like daisy, lol). know nothing about her other than that. sunday when  i go to issaquah salmon days the plan is lynn will meet up there late in afternoon by the dock diving as that is about halfway between my home and lynns.

pc update -- pc came back today . was told nothing about what was fixed but based on the serial numbers jerry wrote down , it seems the memory was swapped out. that definitely could have been causing the porblems. well see how it goes for at least a week until i am  convinced it is fixed.

now have os many ct pages to do as so far behind. will do just one page per designer for now.

arthritis - it has been really bad , sometimes i wonder if  the plate or screw in wrist got loose or something like that as the surgery was supposed ot get rid of  pain and it did for a long while. with no insurance i can't see a doctor let alone a hand surgeon.

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